Reminders to Passengers

REMINDERS TO PASSENGERS Passenger should allocate at least three (3) travelling hours earlier time before the scheduled departure to avoid inconvenience especially on international flights or during peak season Do not bring amulet in the form of ammunition and its


Prohibited Items / Dangerous Goods & Substances

PROHIBITED ITEMS / DANGEROUS GOODS AND SUBSTANCES Prohibited Items: Firearms – Any weapon from which a shot maybe fired by the force of an explosion, including starter pistol, compressed air or BB guns, and flare pistol Knives – sabers, swords,


Special Laws Relative to Air Travel

SPECIAL LAWS RELATIVE TO AIR TRAVEL Bomb Threat / Jokes PD 1727 and RA 9497 (Sec 81) Malicious dissemination of false information or the willful making of any threat concerning bombs and explosives or any similar device or means of

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