The Basic Aviation Course is a training package for 12 days with the primary purpose of equipping the participants with knowledge and skills needed to deal with the complexities of aviation security environment. The training emphasizes the AVSEC measures and procedures being implemented at all airports nationwide which include briefings, lectures, media presentation and practical exercises on its different subjects. This training will enable the security personnel to implement and apply airport security measures on their projected assignment at landside and airside of the airport nationwide.


This Group designed an AVSEC seal/pin purposely to revive its issuance to all AVSEC graduates from this Group. This pin/seal will serve dual purpose such as:

  1. It will be printed in appropriate size at the pocket of the T-shirt as a souvenir of the graduates and transform into a bronze/metal pin to be attached at the left collar of the uniform and will be worn by AVSEC graduates while in the performance of duty.
  2. The pin/seal when worn by AVSEC Specialist will further bolster their moral, accept with pride the responsibility in their assigned job and the holder feels to be proud of wearing such symbol of technical expertise in AVSEC. Said seal/pin will be regularly awarded to the AVSEC Graduates and will form part of the program during the closing ceremonies.