1. To supervise the screening operations of all airport users upon entry to the security controlled areas in the airports and prior to the embarkation in the aircraft;
  2. To implement routine security measures and to respond to any eventuality, safeguard airport facilities and users against offensive and terrorist acts by deploying technically trained and skilled personnel and units;
  3. To conduct crime prevention and security operations for the maintenance of peace and order within the airport complex;
  4. To provide security and assistance to VIP’s, foreign dignitaries, foreign nationals, tourist and balikbayans while at the airport and provide security assistance for high risk passengers;
  5. To enhance intelligence operations and build-up to identify threats to civil aviation and violations of laws at the airport in coordination with concerned government agencies and other airport stakeholders;
  6. To conduct investigation of incidents concerning unlawful interference and violation of laws in coordination with concerned civil aviation and airport authorities and other government agencies;
  7. To exercise general supervision over all Private Security Agencies, Company Guard Forces and Government Guard Units to include their security guards/personnel engaged in aviation security operations;
  8. To conduct periodic security survey, inspection and audit on all airports in coordination with Civil Aviation Security Bureau of the Office for Transportation Security (CASB-OTS), Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and airport authorities;
  9. To assist the CASB-OTS, CAAP and airport authorities in the formulation and development of airport security plan/program;
  10. To conduct periodic exercises (Table top/Full scale) of the airport incident emergency response and management, critical and incident management plans in coordination with civil aviation authorities, airport authorities, concerned government agencies and units, non-government organizations and other stake holders;
  11. To enforce special laws in coordination with the different law enforcement agencies;
  12. To assist in the implementation of airport security and safety policies, rules and regulations issued by concerned airport and civil aviation authorities;
  13. To conduct mandatory/basic and specialized courses and trainings to all PNP Aviation Security Group, personnel and other stakeholders engaged in aviation security operations;
  14. To perform such other functions and responsibilities as contained in the National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP);
  15. To perform other functions/tasks as may be directed by higher competent authorities.