In line with the Compliance and Stage Evaluation Process for PNP Units and Offices, The AVSEGROUP undergoes performance audit and revalida and in furtherance of the PNP’sgoal to certify all units. This is to pursue steps in institutionalizing the PNP PATROL Plan 2030.

      In the recent Performance Audit that started in March 2015, selected Directorates, National Support Units (NSUs) and Police Regional Offices (PROs) were among those who were subjected to evaluation. The audit was conducted to validate compliance of the six (6) elements patterned after the criteria set forth by the Institute for Solidarity Asia (ISA), which are:

  1. Formulation of Advisory Council;
  2. Cascading of Strategy to Individual Level;
  3. Alignment of Resources;
  4. Review of Scorecard Accomplishments;
  5. Implementation of the Communications Plan; and
  6. Collation of Emerging Best Practices.

      The training focused on the PGS Journey in conducting Audit and general audit principles in preparation for the performance audit of AVSEGROUP and its subordinate units to elevate their compliance status.  The PNP AVSEGROUP passed the compliance stage of the PGS.