Prohibited Items:

  • Firearms – Any weapon from which a shot maybe fired by the force of an explosion, including starter pistol, compressed air or BB guns, and flare pistol
  • Knives – sabers, swords, hunting knives and other cutting instruments which are considered dangerous
  • Bludgeons – blackjacks, billy clubs or similar instruments

Dangerous Items:

  • Explosives / Ammunition – Any type of explosives, ammunition, incendiaries, or other components which can result in an explosion or fire.
  • Gases and Chemical Agent – tear gas, mace and similar chemicals and gases whether in a pistol canister or other container.
  • Fireworks – Signal flares, sparklers and pyrotechnic materials
  • Flammable Gaseous Solids – Filter fluids, paints, disposable lighters, lighter refills, matches and the likes, corrosive or poisonous substances or materials.
  • Pressure Containers – Spray cans, butane fuel, scuba tanks, propane tanks, carbon dioxide cartridges and self-inflating rafts.
  • Dangerous Drugs – Such as marijuana, shabu, cocaine, etc… punishable under RA 9165 Comprehensive Drug Acts of 2002
  • Other Dangerous Articles – Such items as ice picks, straight razors, elongated scissors, even though not commonly thought of as deadly or dangerous weapon, including toy or “dummy” weapons or grenades.


Carriage of Liquids, Aerosol and Gels (LAGs)

  • Containers for LAGs in your carry-on baggage must be one hundred (100) milliliters/grams or less. All containers must be placed in a transparent, one liter plastic bag. Passengers are allowed only one plastic bag each.
  • Any transparent re-sealable bag of one liter capacity or less is allowed
  • Bags sealed with items such as sticky tape, rubber bands or ribbons will not be accepted.
  • Prescription medicines that you need, baby products and non-prescription medicines that you need for the flight can be carried on board and is not subjected to the 100ml restriction, though proof of need may be required
  • When you get to the Final Screening Checkpoint, you will have to surrender LAGs greater than 100ml/g that you still have with you
  • LAGs whose container is larger than 100ml can be placed in your check-in luggage
  • All LAGs must be in a container with a capacity not greater than 100 ml each.